Wednesday, 26 October 2011

James, 18 yo Rugby Player

I found this story today:

Hi, my name is James and i'm 18, I play rugby but am still a bit podgy,I'm 5 10 tall and i'm gay with a foot and lycra fetish

One weekend my parents were going to Scotland so I was staying at Ian's house. Ian is pretty hot, he has a six pack with beuatiful definition, lovely pick nipples and wonderful feet. We both had a rugby match on the Saturday so we went to bed early on Friday night.

We played well in the rugby match and won. As we were going back to Ian's in his car he told me that Scott would be staying as well, I didn't mind because Scotty was well fit.

When we got back to Ian's he and Scott wanted to play Xbox but i wanted a shower.

"Hey, do you mind if I take a shower" I said
"Yeah, you know where it is." Ian shouted back.

I went up to the shower and started rubbing all the sweat off me. When I'd finished i looked around for a towel.

"Oi, Ian are there any towels around"
"Oh, i think they're all in my room"

I ran down the hall, knowing that Scott and Ian were downstairs and his parents were out. I stepped into his room and saw a towel in the corner.
Just then someone jumped on me. I wildly looked around and saw it was Scott. He was much stronger than me and soon defeated me. He picked some string and tied me down, putting me in the doggy postion. I was shouting all this time. Scott looked really mad which immediately gave me a boner. He picked up one of his socks, still damp with sweat from the rugby.

"Put a sock in it" he said

He then rubbed it in my face, ohh the smell was so strong i thought i would come right there. He tied the sock around my mouth as a gag so i could now taste his salty sweat in my mouth.
"You look so cute down there" Scott smiled "I'll be back and we'll have a little bit of fun"

Oh fuck, i thought this is so sexual, i can't wait for him to come back.
I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Scott and Ian walked in, Ian was showing off his beuatiful chest and was wearing beautiful tight spandex shorts down to his knees. Scott was the same.
Scott came over and stood above me.

"Little slut, you're so useless" he said and slapped my back,i groaned in pain. "i will ungag you if you agree call me master, or god and worship me in all ways"
I shook my head,
"insolent little bitch" shouted Ian

He picked up a slipper and smacked my arse with it, hard.
"will you do it?" he asked
I nodded my head, so scared of my new masters.

They took the sock out and then Scott put his foot under my face
"Worship it" he ordered
"Yes master"

I put my lips over his big toe and started sucking it the salt was so intoxicating i groaned in pleasure. I moved on to the rest of his toes and then licked and sucked all over his feet.
Ian meanwhile was probing my anus with his foot, it was sweaty so it slipped and one his toes actually entered my hole. He picked up a bottle of lube, lubed something and then shoved the butt plug into my anus, I screamed in pleasure!

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colinR said...

Teenage rugby lads just doing what comes natural, love it.