Sunday, 13 November 2011

Locker Room Blow Job

I wonder how often this happens in the Rugby locker room?


colinR said...

Yeah, and even better if they were both straight.

deDeurs said...

I don't want to spoil the enjoyment, but I'm trying to make sense of this (and of lots of other material in this mode).
A. the lockerroom seems authentic.
B. the guys have the physique of rugby or soccer players.
C. they have the looks of real heterosexual men, married or with a girlfriend. (a weak one, I admit)

What bothers me, is that the rugby and soccer world is notorious for it's male hetero chauvinism. No member of a sports team will do this in full view. He'll want his face blurred.
With photos or vids like these, a heterosexual rugby player can say goodbye to his career if others see them. And with internet exposure, the risk is quite high. (unless the fellahs here were too braindamaged to grasp the idea of internet...)
A gay rugby player stays in the closet. For him also: outing means an end to his career. No trainer wants to maintain him in his team.

So who are we seeing here? Professional gay porn models, who are, as heteros, leading a closeted life, and thus are able to use the lockerroom facilities of their club?
I don't want to scream Fake!, I just want to understand.
Of course I love such photos, but that's beside the point...

colinR said...

Chill, deDeurs it`s just a bit of fantasy. Undermining traditional hetero strongholds is something we gayers are good at, just enjoy it!!

deDeurs said...

I assume the pin up tattoo is a paint-on/wipe-off one?
I mainly reacted to your earlier 'even better if they were both straight'. Fantasies are great, but often irrational...
colinR, I wonder what you think of this rugby hazing photograph:
It's not faked, although I didn't find any info on it, I identified one of them as the South African rugby player Bees Roux.
Give the photo a good look-over. It gives a quite new meaning to gay heterosexuality...
I'm constructing a blogpost about it right now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what this video is called and where i can get it??