Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rugby Buddy Part 1

I had been playing rugby for about 6 years at a time when no one, except for those in the immigrant neighborhoods of the big cities was playing the game. I was 21 at the time and had found a friend that I turned on to the game. Alan was a couple years younger than me and still in college. He had always been a basketball player and I took him out on the field one day and taught him how to kick, trap and shoot and he was hooked. We would go to a rugby field near the high school and throw the ball back and forth for an hour or so and then maybe go a little one on one

This went on for several weeks under the blazing summer sun. After each session we were exhausted and we would head off to a corner store for a drink and to cool off and talk.

After that I would take him home and we would plan on getting together the next weekend. One fateful Sunday I picked him up and we headed to the field. We went through our usual practice routine and then went to one on one. He was more aggressive than usual, body-checking me and marking me rather closely. I enjoyed the close physical contact he was laying on me. His hands were on my back and my ass. On occasion, he would press his body so close that his groin would be up against my butt or hips.

On one of my possessions, I faked him to the right then went left leaving him behind. He ran up behind me and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the ground. At that point we weren’t playing rugby--we began to wrestle. He was a bit bigger and stronger than me so it wasn't long before he had me pinned beneath him, I was lying on my stomach. He was flat on top of me and I felt his cock pressed against my ass. If it wasn’t hard at that point, it was growing rapidly.

Feeling this aroused me and my own penis began to come to life. Alan kept me pinned down and began to hump my backside with his groin. I could feel him growing even larger as he dry humped me.

"What are you trying to do?" I asked him.

"Just thought you might like to have a little fun,” came his reply.

Alan was a nice looking guy and I always wondered how big he was in the manhood department. I had done some things before with a guy so I wasn't freaked or repulsed by the idea. I told him that it sounded like fun.

With that he got off me and helped me to my feet. He headed to a wooded area about 50 yards from the field. I followed watching his ass noticing how nice and round and firm it looked. We walked a little ways into the woods when he stopped, turned to me and moved in quickly to plant his lips on mine and snake his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it and then shot my tongue into him.

We kissed for a long time, our hands roaming and exploring each other’s bodies. I pinched his nipples twisting them just slightly. He reacted by forcing his tongue even farther down my throat. His hand went to my ass and squeezed each cheek. His hand felt great.

I lowered my hand to his stomach, feeling his abs thru his sweaty shirt. Down farther my hand traveled reaching behind the elastic band of his shorts. Within an inch of top of his shorts I felt the soft head of his cock, pre-cum oozing freely. My fingers snaked there way down around the shaft jerking it so lightly.

Alan broke our kiss and dropped to his knees causing me to let go of his wonderful dick. He grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. My cock sprang free and his lips immediately went to it. he pulled it into his mouth and sucked hard. His right hand went to my nut sack and began to play with them. It was heaven. I had a girl give me a blowjob once but it was nothing like this. I looked down and saw Alan's mouth encompassing my cock and saw beyond that his cock sticking parallel to the ground.

I wanted that in my mouth. I pulled away from him and lay down on the ground. His mouth went back to me as I grabbed his 6 inches and stuffed it into my mouth. I sucked that meat into me and savored the taste of the semen leaking from the tip. His balls hung on his leg and I pulled my mouth from his rigid pole and stuck his left testicle into my mouth. My tongue washed it good and then I turned my attention to the other one.

Alan continued to suck my cock with his fingers playing on my balls. I turned my attention from his nuts to the area between them and his asshole. My tongue lightly brushed him there and he responded with a jerk. I ran my tongue even farther and licked the sweat from his hole. The rosebud opened and my tongue darted into it. His ass tasted great and my tongue forced its way in.

Alan kept sucking on me. I could feel the pressure build in my balls. But I wanted him to cum first so I turned my attention back to the stiff meat that lay on my chin. My tongue flicked off the pre-cum that still leaked from the tip. Then I devoured the entire shaft, stopping only when my chin hit his pubic hair. While he was in me my tongue swirled around in my mouth totally wrapping his bone. With the middle finger of my right hand I pushed at the opening to his ass. It opened slightly and I pushed my way in. I found and began to massage his prostrate, Alan flinched and I knew he was close to rewarding me for my efforts with a load of his boy-juice. My finger fucked his ass as my mouth sucked the fruit of his loins from his cock. Alan worked feverishly on me and soon I felt the rhythmic pulsing as my balls worked on releasing my cum.

Alan stiffened and fired off his first load of white hot cum into my throat. Within seconds my volley shot from my cock to his waiting mouth. We both continued to erupt into each other, swallowing as much of the loads as we could. When we finally let go of the prize manhood we had in our mouths, we laid back on the grass.

"That was fucking great!" Alan exclaimed. "I loved having your finger in my ass."

"Yeah that was good," I resounded, "you are a good cocksucker and if you think the finger was great, wait till you try something else there!"

"We will have to try that soon," Alan said as he reached over and gave my cock another squeeze. I began to respond already. Maybe he’ll find out how great a cock in your ass can be sooner than he thinks.


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Rugbydar said...

More to come, look out for part 2 of this story