Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rugby Buddy Part 2

I wanted to take him right there and then, but knew I should wait for a more private, and relaxed setting to do what I wanted to do.

"Come on, lets get dressed and head to my place, my roommate is gone till tomorrow. We'll have the place to ourselves." I told him.

We threw our shorts back on and drove to my place. All the while, in the car, Alan's hands were on my cock. I could hardly concentrate on the drive. We finally arrived at my place and we ran up the steps to the door. Once inside, Alan dragged me to the bedroom and we fell onto the bed. We tore each others clothes off. I rolled over on top of Alan and kissed him. My tongue shot into his mouth and my hands began to roam over his body. His cock responded to my hand and began to grow once again.

As pre cum leaked from the slit, I slid down his body, sucking on his nipples. I nipped at his stomach and left a trail of wetness from my mouth along his abdomen. Finally, I reached my goal, his hard and throbbing pole. My tongue flicked out and took it into my mouth. The sweet and salty taste made me want more. My tongue ran down the underside of his cock. I bathed his balls in my saliva and slide my tongue past the orbs and toward the tiny opening of his ass. I licked at the rosebud and twirled my tongue around it.

Alan squirmed as my tongue pushed into his hole. The taste of his sweat made it even more exciting. My cock was hard and aching for another release, but I stayed with my target.

My hands were all over his cock and balls. I stroked his rigid pole and played with his balls. Semen was dripping from his cock, and I rubbed the slippery fluid along his shaft as a lubricant.

"Fuck me!" was the only words that came from Alan's mouth.

"Fuck me, please!"

I took my tongue away from his rosebud and crawled up between his legs, i raised his legs over him, exposing his ass to me. I aimed my cock at the tiny opening where my tongue had been and pressed forward.

His ass resisted at first but slowly he relaxed and my cock head broke past the outer muscle. I gave him a minute to adjust to the penetration, and then slowly proceeded forward, gliding my cock into him until my balls were resting against his ass. Alan began to stroke his cock as i began to pull out, leaving only the head buried in him. i pushed in again all the way till he nuts rested in my pubic hair. in and out, back and forth. Alan stroking his cock wildly.

"Oh fuck I am going to shoot!" he cried out. His body stiffened as a stream of white flew from his dick across his chest and stomach. This was all I needed to take me over the edge. My juice came from deep within me and fired itself into the waiting ass.

I collapsed on top of him, his cum sandwiched between us. I kissed him and he shot his tongue into my mouth. My cock fell from his ass hole but we kept the position. I broke the kiss we held and began to nibble on his ears, neck and chest

He suggested we get showered together. I was more than willing to agree to that I ran the water and we stepped under the spray. We washed each other off with the soap. Alan washed my back and paid special attention to my ass. Soon I felt his hard on pressing against my ass. I leaned into the wall exposing my ass to him. He pressed the head of his dick against my soapy hole.

He pushed forward as I pushed back. I felt him slide into me, stretching me. It felt so good I moaned out loud. Alan pumped in and out pulling his cock almost all the way out then jamming it back in. Faster and faster he pumped, I began to jerk my own cock. he fucked me hard. The sound of his groin slapping against my ass was amplified by the water. He came hard. Pushed all the way in and froze as he shot his load of semen into me. I fired off my second round onto the shower floor. Exhausted for certain we climbed out of the shower, dried ourselves off and were headed to the bedroom to get dressed.

"About time you got out of the shower." I froze in my steps as I heard Steve's voice, my roommate, coming from the living room. He wasn’t due home until later in the evening. I heard his footsteps coming down the hallway toward the bathroom. He saw Alan and I and stopped dumbfounded.

"So what have you been up to?" he said with a big grin on his face, "partaking of something nasty?" Steve walked up to me and grabbed my limp dick in his hand and squeezed it. "I hope you guys have some to share with me!”

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colinR said...

Of course the straight rugger boy wants some too, if they`re pissed up enough, they`re game for ANYTHING