Monday, 19 December 2011

Tim Tebow

Although this blog is about Rugby players I will occasionally post photos of American Football stars who I think will appeal to the follower's of this blog as they are very similar to what this blog is all about.

Tim Tebow is an American Football player for The Denver Broncos. Tim is a devout Christian and at 24yo remains a virgin.
Wouldn't we all like to be Tim's first?


colinR said...

Great bod` A christian virgin? dont mean to offend anyone but, WHAT A WASTE!!!

Rugbydar said...

I would imagine everyone agrees with that statement Colin!

Phil said...

Thanks man,I am from the USA and a big Tim
Tebow fan.Tim may be a Christian virgin,but
he sure likes showing us his great bod.
Dude you have made me a rugby fan.
Love your blog keep up the great work.

Rugbydar said...

Thanks for the encouragement Phil!
Is there anybody else you want to see on here?

george said...

I like Phil am an American ( phil knows me from another blog) but thanks for the blog. I'm beginning to be a rugby fan!

Joey T said...

Tim Tebow sucks cock.